Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. What is the broad overview of the process?

Teams entering the first round of the Challenge will be asked to submit a one-page executive summary that describes the venture and its business model and  addresses all aspects of the judging criteria.  From these executive summaries, a limited number of semifinalists will be asked to submit a document for the second round that describes in detail how the venture has progressed from its inception through customer development to reach its current3 stage.  From the semifinalists, six finalist teams will be selected to present their startups live at #StartupColumbia.

Q2. May I include video in my Round Two submission?

Yes. Please use a link to Youtube or similar video hosting service. Please do not submit a large video file. Do ensure that this video is under 2 minutes.

Q3. Can I use multimedia or web-based demos for my presentation?

Yes, but please bear in mind that these A/V requirements are finicky and we cannot guarantee their availability on the day of your presentation. We ask you to please plan accordingly. You will have to submit all materials ahead of time using our Dropbox link, details of which will be sent to the final teams.

Q4. What happens to teams presenting for longer than six minutes?

We will have no choice but to cut you short. From a practicality perspective, we have a fixed schedule and it is difficult to fix schedules once we start falling behind our agenda. To an extent, it is also important for entrepreneurs to be able to express and convey their ideas and business under restrictive circumstances.