• Fan Favorite portion of the challenge will take place entirely on the #StartupColumbia Album on CORE's Facebook Page
  • Each team will have a ‘fan favorite image’ which will be the team logo (chosen by the team) corresponding with a 100 word description chosen by them
  • The team that receives the most ‘Facebook likes’ on their image (excluding the five chosen by our judges) will be awarded #StartupColumbia fan favorite, and included in the final round of the challenge
  • A quick overview of how you can vote for your favorite team can be found below:



  • Fan Favorite Facebook Album will be uploaded to the #StartupColumbia Page in the days leading up to final round decision, and kept private.
  • Fan Favorite portion will take place the same day as the judges’ decisions regarding the 5 teams choose for the final round, March 30th
  • At 12 PM on March 30th the album will be made open and images able to be liked and shared.
  • Votes will be considered from 12:00 PM March 30th to 11:59PM on April 2nd
  • The only votes that will be considered are likes specifically on the official #StartupColumbia facebook page, although teams are encouraged to share their image across their social media outlets.


  • March 20 - Contestants announced and notified of Fan Favorite portion of challenge
  • March 25 - Soft date that teams will be asked to submit their logo and descriptions by
  • March 27 - Private Album uploaded to Facebook with 12 logos, 1 per team
  • March 30 - 12 PM sharp the album is opened and able to be ‘liked'. Teams are encouraged to share
  • April 2nd - A screen shot will be taken promptly at 11:59 PM on April 2nd and the 'likes' will be counted